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Poems & Thoughts

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Colonialisation and PTSD

Why do people in power and privelege get stupendous fees for talking and directing things that they have never experienced for themselves...


Indulgence becomes addiction when its the only thing that makes you feel good. And before you know it the extreme becomes normal, then...

Lust for Life

Is it wrong to want success for oneself? Is it wrong to want peace of mind? Is it wrong to just get a little praise for what you love...


Play is not a competition it is not someone getting one up on or humiliating another or winning, getting the best marks over and above...

it's it

I don't have a name for it that spark of energy, I paint it the life energy.


Its the strangest emotion when someone validates you because you're so used to being locked up, controlled and disbelieved. A positive...

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