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LXM Artist profile

Alex McPherson

Photo of the artist Alex

LXM Artist is Alex McPherson

BFA Elam School of Fine Arts  

University of Auckland

Why Paint?

My art is representative and expresses the enjoyment of nature and life. I try and capture the universality of love through art.

It is a sensory experience. There is a spirituality in the painting process. I believe in the right to life and exist in this world and beyond.

I try to capture more than just a likeness in my figurative paintings. The 'birdness' of a bird or the essence of a creature.

The use of enhanced colour, like a cobalt sky and an ultramarine sea is evident in a landcape.

Shell and Nature Series respect the previous inhabitants of what are vessels, found washed up on a beach. Things of beauty in their own right - the soul moved on to another realm, and reveal the object left behind.

I exist therefore I paint.

It is my language,

my craft.

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