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Little Pills to Swallow

Does psychosis come with sentient sobriety?

Or does it move on to madness?

Will the malaise ooze out into reality?

Or will it dissipate with the freedom?

Will truths that have been hidden speak out?

Or will they be ignored and abused again?

Who will listen if the record gets changed?

Or will they prefer silence to a new track?

What if I still don't like myself if I find my voice?

Or will the ego take over in supreme self-justification?

What if my own jury is hung?

On whether I should stay alive?

What if a miracle happens and I find peace, will I be happy?

Or will I still question and complain?

Will I even be given a chance to say no?

Or will I be forced over and over again and again, again?

Will I leave my honesty behind to please a few in power?

Or will I be true to life experienced?

Who will I trust?

Can I trust myself?

Will the benefits of health outweigh the benefits of happiness?

Or will they eventually blend into one?

Can a leopard change his spots?

Can a panther be vegetarian?

Will I run and lift off into space?

Or will I crash and burn?

Will every stumble break my toes?

Or will I twist them into a dance of life, with supple limbs and agile mind?

Will love be enough for existence?

Or do I need an agenda like everyone else?

Will normality kill me?

Or will I be bored shitless?

Will I find a reason for brain function?

Or will I just become another human zombie programmed by AI?

Does my life mean anything if I don't reproduce?

Or will my creativity give credence in other ways?

Will the animals still be my friends if the fire goes out?

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