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For Kev

First one, then the second

Then you.

The ghosts.

A fleeting glimpse

A passing in the night

I spoke to him as if we had been strangers.

I didn't speak to you though we could have been strangers too.

Time heals, but love never dies.

The guilt comes back with the memories.

The language and the fun and the paranoia.

You're paranormal.

Who is Lorien anyway?

That bright guiding light,

but she got pregnant,

not me.

So I just kept playing, and playing around

and listening to your songs down the telephone line.

Guitar never sounded so sweet.

I never heard your album

but I saw your name in the Rolling Stone.

Cynthia eat your heart out

Mine had the biggest

Fingers on Frets

Sliding up strings




Sorry I was too wasted.

I wish I could have talked to you,

touched you. but you were barely more than a vision.

A memory.

I don't even know if it was a doppelganger

or you,

but you looked good.

Ramble on.

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