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My Story.... 

I knew I wanted to be an artist for life at 7 years old when my mother gave me a sketch book to draw in every day. She noticed I always had a pen, pencil, felt or crayon in my hand from day one.

The first drawing I did in my sketch book was of a hibiscus from nature that same day. Looking back on it now I don’t think I could have done a better job today. The hibiscus drawing I created looked just as precious and beautiful as the real thing, and I felt a sense of awe and wonder that someone could create something like this from their own mind and hands. It felt life-giving and that I had a purpose in this world – to create.
Sunset From South Ngunguru
Fantastical creature giraffe, dragonfly, caterpillar
I didn’t care about anything at school except art and writing,
actually wagged everything else to hang out in the art room. I didn’t enjoy anything much else at school, and didn’t fit in, so I hung out with art, where I could be myself, as an individual and do what I wanted to do, and also get praised for my work, as everything else seemed so negative. 

Epiphany came when I was introduced to oil paints. I fell head over heels for the texture, the pigment, the viscosity and the feel and smell of oil paint.

I have been down to the depths of despair and back to an absolute awe and respect for life on earth. Together the oils and the depiction of nature is where home and truth is, and inspiration is from the beauty of life and nature that I share with you through the medium of paint.


I suffered from a deep depression in my youth, was hospitalized for it, and completely traumatized by the whole experience. Coming out with absolutely zero self-confidence, I fell into a crowd where abuse of both body, mind and substances was normal. 

Ladybird on a dandelion seed head
portrait of the artists with flowers coming out of her head

Surviving this all, I developed a deep respect and love for life on this planet and all the earth’s flora and fauna. Art was what I lived for, and with it I could create something beautiful and worth staying alive for


Sharing this with those who have positivity and belief in life is precious to me. 
I have seen the absolute worst of human behavior, but some of the people who have come into my life at times when I’ve needed help have been the most amazing ambassadors of love and humanity.


It is my choice to hold on to, to reflect, and to share this compassion and love of life with the rest of the world, who care about all life in this universe.


LXM Artist Studio

1807 Russell Road Helena Bay
RD4 Hikorangi
New Zealand
p: +64 220 454 391
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