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The Dancer

The self-conscious dancer

loves to move to the music

and feel the beat

but hates an audience.

Awkward in the spotlight,

in the shadows she is free.

No one to stare

no one to criticise

no one to tell her she's wrong again.

She dances to her own reality,

not one forced upon her.

In the dark her star shines in her own mind

society's harsh illumination

far from her thoughts.

Her awareness is dance

her steps are not judged

her grace is her own.

She turns

She twists

she reaches

she bends

she stretches

she pivots

she leaps

Her heartbeat is strong

the heartbreak of failure far gone.

Alone she is confident.

On edge if watched,

movements stilted and forced

Alone the senses are allowed to feel,

encouraged and expressed

a damaged soul healed.

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