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Its OK again

when the blood flows

moon releases the pain

and anger dissipates

into the night


The wine like blood

soothes the swelling

and bruises the skin

wine pressed for testing.

The anger shame and horror

that were so real and felt

have been surpassed

by the intrinsic love

of our bonds.

You hurt me.

You crushed my fragile confidence

in us.

Its OK

But I am worn now stained my blood and yours

tears and freakshow screaming

weapons of words and mind manipulations

are your game.

I don't play.

Fresh Cuts on a scarred mind

Fettered thoughts

and a lessening of trust

and respect

Kiss and make up

lips curling again

damaged by the crush of your breath.

Spirit in limbo

resigned to this life.

let's make the most of it.

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